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Protection of Personal Data No. 6698

Clarification Text on Protection of Personal Data Nr. 6698


Dear Valued Guest;

This disclosure statement, prepared within the scope of the protection of personal data, is within the framework of the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data, which is applied throughout our company and hotel, whose company name and hotel name are given below. general lighting notice.

Our company and hotel;

DIANA HOTEL (Diana Hotel İçmeler Marmaris);

Hereinafter, the hotel and our company will be referred to as "Diana Hotel İçmeler Marmaris" or "Hotel".

As Diana Hotel İçmeler Marmaris family, we attach great importance to the protection of your personal data. In this context, in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 ("KVKK"), in the capacity of "Data Controller", We operate within the scope of the stated purposes and limits and we take great care to take the necessary administrative and technical measures accordingly. For this reason, through this "Disclosure Statement on the Processing of Personal Data," We would like to inform you about our data processing processes and the rights of you, our valued guests and visitors, arising from the Law No. 6698 and GDPR regulation within the framework of the KVK law.

Your Personal Data We Process

Diana Hotel We will need to request information about you and/or your family members, who are Marmaris Hotel customers, as follows:

Identity information (such as name-surname, TR identity number, Passport Number).
Contact information (such as telephone number, e-mail address, your Contact Address).
Personal information (such as date of birth, nationality).
Information about your children (eg name, date of birth, age).
Your credit card number (for bank collection and reservation purposes).
Information required by the hotel due to Covid-19 (body temperature measurement, Your HES code, have you been to a foreign country in the last 14 days?
Your arrival and departure dates from the hotel.
Your preferences and interests (for example, smoking/non-smoking room, preferred floor, bedding type, type of newspaper/magazine, sports, cultural interests)
Your questions/comments during or after your stay at our institution.
Time of Obtaining Your Personal Data

Personal data may be collected in various situations, including:

Hotel activities:

Room reservation.
Check-in and payment to the hotel.
Your arrival and departure dates from the hotel.
Eating at the hotel bar or restaurant during a stay /drinking.
Requests, complaints and/or disputes.
Your reservations (for Weddings, Meetings and Other Organizations). The process of obtaining, recording, storing, preserving, changing, reusing personal data in whole or in part by automatic or non-automatic means provided that it is part of any data recording system means all kinds of operations performed on data such as organizing, disclosing, transferring, taking over, making it available, classifying or preventing its use.

- Participation in marketing programs or events:

Participate in customer surveys (eg Guest Satisfaction Survey)
Subscribe to newsletters to receive offers and promotions via email.

- Transmission of information from third parties:

Information transmitted to our facilities through your reservations made through tour operators, travel agencies, GDS reservation systems and others.

- Internet Activities:

Link to Diana Hotel İçmeler Marmaris websites (IP addresses, cookies)
Online forms (online reservation, surveys, Diana Hotel İçmeler Marmaris pages on social networks, Facebook) login etc. such as network login systems).

Camera Surveillance of Hotel Facilities

Entrances and exits of Diana Hotel İçmeler Marmaris facility, corridors, common areas and façades of facilities are monitored with cameras for the purpose of facility security, safety of our guests and occupational health and safety. There is a camera icon in the fields. Regarding these images, we would like to state that your rights are reserved under the provisions of the Constitution and KVKK. The purpose of surveillance and recording with the camera; likely to occur in the workplace, especially theft identification of certain actions. These records can only be accessed by the authorized units of the Hotel. Records are kept for 30 days for security purposes and are destroyed at the end of the period.

The Processing Method and Legal Reason of Your Personal Data

To be able to carry out accommodation and other service processes within the scope of the fulfillment of the requirements of the service processes offered within the accommodation and hotel facilities in our hotel, within the framework of the purposes specified in the 3rd article of the Statement and/or your Personal Data will be automatically or automatically processed by the relevant departments of the Hotel and other authorized departments, with the following methods and means, in order for the Hotel to fulfill all its obligations, including its legal obligations. It can be collected and processed by methods that are not:

For your personal applications, by hand, through the websites of the Hotel, by e-mail, by mail, through references or the solution partners and suppliers that the hotel works with (For example, travel agencies, tour companies, reservation sites) and/or websites, social media accounts.

With the information obtained during interviews that can be made in different ways (face to face, telephone, teleconference, video conference, fax, etc.). Your personal data; Due to the following legal reasons in Article 5 of the Law No. 6698 being processed;

Having your explicit consent,

It is clearly stipulated in the laws,

If you are unable to express your consent due to actual impossibility, or if your consent is not legally valid, it is mandatory for the protection of your or someone else's life or physical integrity,

Processing personal data in connection with the establishment or performance of a contract,

It is mandatory for the fulfillment of our legal obligations,

The person concerned has been made public by himself,

VII. Data processing is mandatory for the establishment, exercise or protection of a right,

VIII. It is necessary for our legitimate interests, provided that it does not harm your fundamental rights and freedoms and with your explicit consent,

Purposes of Processing Your Personal Data

Your personal data The establishment of our Hotel's security and your use of our services offered to our visitors and guests by our Hotel, the management of our Hotel's access records, due to laws and regulations In order to fulfill our obligations, the personal data processing conditions specified in the 5th and 6th articles of the Law No. 6698 and the obligations of our institution determined by the laws are detailed below. processed for purposes.

To fulfill our obligations to our customers.

Managing room reservations and accommodation requests:

Creating legal documents in accordance with accounting standards, managing and keeping invoicing services.

Managing your hotel stay:

Monitoring your use of services (phone, bar, pay TV, etc.)

Managing access to rooms.

Internal management of lists for customers who behaved inappropriately during their stay at the hotel (aggressive and antisocial behavior, non-compliance with the hotel contract, non-compliance with security regulations, theft, damage or payment-related events).

To carry out marketing activities, to promote our brands.

Adapting and improving our products and services to better meet your needs.

Customizing the commercial offers and promotional messages we send you.

To inform you about special offers and new services created by Diana Hotel İçmeler Marmaris and its affiliates, in cases where you have your express consent.

Managing our relationships with customers before, during and after their stay.

Segmentation based on reservation history and travel preferences of customers in order to send targeted communications.

Developing statistical and commercial scores and reporting.

Knowing the preferences of new or old customers and providing personalized service.

Sending you newsletters, promotions and offers of tourism, hotel or service or contacting you by phone with your express consent.

Managing unsubscribe requests from newsletters, promotions, tourism offers and satisfaction surveys.

To consider the right to object and to manage the objection processes.

To use private telephone services to call the people staying in our hotel in case of serious events (natural disasters, epidemics, etc.) affecting the hotel in question.

Conducting surveys and analyzing customer comments by survey.

Managing claims/complaints.

To secure and improve your use of our hotel's websites, especially in the following areas:

Improve navigation.

Implementing security and fraud prevention systems.

Fulfilling our obligations under the Identity Information Law No. 1774.

To fulfill the obligations imposed by other relevant legislation. (for example OHS Activities, Tax Procedure Law Obligations etc.)

Apart from this, the most basic purpose of processing your personal data is to welcome you better and to make you, our valued guests, benefit from our services more and uninterruptedly.

2.Domestic or International Transfer of Your Personal Data

Your personal data can be accessed by Diana Hotel İçmeler Marmaris and its affiliates in order to provide services within the hotel, and your personal data is transferred to these companies when necessary.

Your personal data, domestic and international storage, archiving, information technology support (such as server, hosting, cloud computing) services, financial institutions that cooperate and/or receive services, Our hotel technical services are provided to consultancy firms that receive support in legal and similar fields, to third parties that provide support in other fields related to the activities of the Hotel, and to our business partners and authorized institutions and organizations for specified purposes. It can be transferred and/or accessed in a controlled and limited way (inland) by taking the necessary security measures under the control of the units.

During the domestic transfer of your data, all obligations are fulfilled by our Hotel within the framework of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 and the relevant legislation. Within the framework of legal obligations and If necessary, your Personal Data can be transferred to state institutions, judicial bodies, foreign missions established by international agreements (embassies, consulates, etc.).

Personal Data Processing Time

Your Personal Data will be processed until the end of this period if there is a period stipulated in the relevant legislation for the storage of this data, and if such a period is not determined, until the end of the period required for the purpose for which they are processed. It If the deadlines expire, your Personal Data will be deleted, destroyed or anonymized immediately, ex officio or upon your request, in accordance with the legislation. If there is a change in your Personal Data during this period You have an obligation to inform Diana Hotel İçmeler Marmaris so that your records can be kept up-to-date and correct.

Your Rights as Data Owner under the KVK Law (Article 11)

By applying to our Company in accordance with Article 11 of the KVKK;

a) Processing and processing of your personal data